Godfried-Willem Raes

Instrument Building:

year name description remarks & links inventory nr.  
1964 Radio Receiver AM band receiver, using a 401 coil and radio band extensions my first radioreceiver, many more followed...   disappeared
1965 FM-station Broadcasting station (3W) on the FM band using vacuum tubes   confiscated
1966 Tape recorder 3 motor tape recorder with vacuum valves based on a Colaro deck   demolished
1967 Organ 2 octave electronic organ using integrated circuits   demolished
1968 Theremin vacuum tube instrument using antique tetrodes   demolished, one surviving tetrode (ca.1920).
1968 Automatische Dirigent automatic polymetric conducting device (first robot) used and made for 'Logos 3:5', a composition by the author.  


(can functionally be replaced with polymetronome, 1991/1994/2012)

1969-1971 Monochords

(electrified instruments)

instrument stringed instrument, amplified

Four non-identical copies made


The oldest monochord was given to its main player, Wiljam Vanmarsenille as a present when he left the logos group.

Monochord 3

1969 Klopdoos (Knockbox) instrument wooden boxes with build-in moving coil contact microphones placed on stands one repaired 05.2019


1969 Ringmodulators analog electronic instruments electronic modulator

many types were made over the years

Model 1, using toroidal audio transformers was used for 'Epitafium', 1970. This model does no longer exist.

Model 2: using balanced modulator/demodulator chips, 1979 (Built into cigar boxes)

Model 3: using Analog devices multiplier chips. 19" rack, quad ringmodulator. Used for Luc Brewaeys orchestral compositions 'Due Cose' and 'Trajet'.

Model 2


Model 3: Quad ringmodulator

1969 Sequencer using cascaded 555 chips voltage control output repaired 2017  
1969 Timer - Buzzer programmable for very long intervals needs 9V battery rev.1977
1969 Square Wave Generator square wave generator for live electronics 3 keys with presettable pitch. Vibrato control. used for 'Epitafium for Gamal Abdel Nasser', 1970
1970 Klavimonochord electrified instrument

stringed instrument with keyboard (recycled piano keyboard)

4-pick-ups with mixer

1410 mm x 470 mm, h = 260 (closed)


repaired 2018. In working condition.

1970 Tape head reading pen playing tool for reading magnetized layers or sheets of prerecorded magnetic tape needs special 2-channel preamp circuit (renovated 2019) in working condition
1970 NAB-IEC tape head amp studio equipment

renovated 2019

(used for refurbishing old Revox G36 taperecorders)

in working condition  
1970 RIAA pick-up cardtridge amp studio equipment   rebuild 2019
1971 Dodekadent analog electronic instrument - 12 voltage controlled relaxation oscillators [English notes] [Dutch notes] 12 voices, 4-channel-out.
1971 Monokord monochord using a piezo-pickup   repaired 1976

Monochord 4

1971 Multidimensional Oscillator analog experimental instrument using a cold cathode decatron tube   under reconstruction, 2020  
1972 Klavibikord an amplified linear small klavichord, with two strings. 4-note polyphonic. battery operated (2 x 9V), stereophonic repaired 05.2019
1970-72 Bellenorgel automated signal bell and car horn automat

a simple electromechanical computer sequencer using telephone relays and electromechanical shift registers

[English notes] [Dutch notes] [English text]

in working condition
1972 VCS2000 sound box instrument hybrid: electronic and electromechanical

tiny 'harp'
craclebox (remade 1978, using CMOS invertors type CD4011)
music box
aluminum comb

1972 Ritmisator analog electronic instrument electronic envelope modulator

12 voices, quad-out.

matrix patchboard


demolished in 1987 for recycling parts.
1972 (rev.1976) Dudafoon electroacoustic instrument / sculpture [English notes] [Dutch notes] in reasonable working condition
1972 Tap-Tone organ synth electronic instrument

tap-tone generator

organ tone generator

transformer ring modulator

battery operated (9V)
1973 Elektronische drumkit electronic instrument

gyrator based percussion sounds

12-channel mixer

modified 1982 to work on a computer printer port
1973-75 (rev.1988) Beltotem interactive sound sculpture


[English notes]

1973-75 Beltelefoon interactive sound sculpture


[English notes]

1973 Log Drums instrument, teponatzli percussion: wood  
1973 Elektromagnetische doos (EM-Box) instrument for amplifying a set of ferromagnetic objects battery operated (9V)

preamp replaced 2002

fully repaired, 05.2019


1973 Singing Saw bowed instrument spring steel and wood lost
1973 Baleinofoon amplified instrument piezo contact mike and preamp inside repaired, 08.2019
1973 Styro-Mandolin modified mandolin banjo styrofoam soundboard styrofoam replaced in 1998
1973-74 Duchamps Harp mounted and amplified bicycle wheels a collaborative project with COUM (Cosy Fanni Tutti and Genesis P.Orridge(+))

12 assemblies used for the performance, january 1974.

Contact mike and preamp replaced 2002.

Repaired 29.12.2020.

1974 Fork Resonators instrument percussion: aluminium, steel, brass

full set sold

prototypes available

1974 Optorgofoon analog electronic sculpture electronic proximity controlled instrument

24 voices

checked ok 04.2019

1974 Audio compressors for use with ringmodulators and live electronics

buffered diode compressor circuit using AA119 diodes

battery operated (2 x 9V)

4 copies build

1 repaired march 2019

1975 Fingerboards (series of many similar instruments) electromechanical instruments electromechanical instruments using both piezo- and electromagnetic pick-ups.  

fingerboard 1

1975 Fingerboard 3 portable model with piezo-microphone and preamplifier (battery operated, 9V)

repaired 1980 (electret mike replaced with piezo)

Checked o.k.2019

1975 Amplified Springboard electromechanical instruments

with build-in amplifier and volume control.

Can feedback.

repaired 03/2014
1975 Optokraak craclebox with optical control   to be repaired
1975 Quad preamp 20dB gain quad preamp in a tobaco can    
1975 Springdriver/receiver electromechanical with 4 piezodiscs and 4-channel preamps used for 'Strings & Mythes' and for 'Montage'. Also used for 'Holosound' and 'Timeframes'  
1975 Transformationeel Regeneratieve Synthesizer (TRS) made to operate with viollin input (contact-miked) VCO's, VCF's, VCA's, Pitch to voltage convertor, ringmodulator... to be checked
1976 dB-level switch triggers on exceeding a preset sound level

usefull as a +90dbA monitor.

Needs cristal microphone

Drives either a 12V bulb or a bell. Maximum load 1 A.

works, checked 09.2023 and used again for political actions against noise polution.
1976 Manipulofoon handoperated tape playback device

two full track tape playback heads, mounted on a stand. Two channel line level audio output.

repaired 09/2015

used in 'TimeFrames'
1976 Kraakdoos electronic craclebox after an idea of Michel Waisvisz

with seven touch-pads etched on a PCB, with balanced line output connector

repaired 04.2019

many copies made over the years

Battery operated (9v)

1976 Kraakdoos electronic craclebox after an idea of Michel Waisvisz

with two times six touch-pads etched on a PCB. Two voices model.

repaired 03.2019

many copies made over the years

used in 'Ohre'

Battery operated (2 x 9V)

1976 Luisterdoos (sound stethoscope) a small metal box with a built-in piezo contact microphone and a preamp driving headphones made for children workshops in acoustical and environmental sound and vibration exploration

about 20 made and sold as toys

Battery operated (9V)

1976 Emmertjes Triple bucket brigade delay line modulator

19" rack mount

uses analog bucket brigade memory chips in a feedback configuration with a voltage controlled clock.

studio equipment, used for BBDLSP  
1977 Springbanjo electromechanical instrument skin, wood, spring. Amplified.  
1977 Optosynth Optically controlled kid synthesizer repaired 03.2014  
1977 Three Nuns two battery operated portable 8-bit samplers used in combination with old telephone handsets for my composition 'Three Nuns' for the Logos duo.  
1978 Fingerbox soundbox instrument [English notes] [Dutch notes] used in 'Arbeidslust'
1978 Synthelog I portable synthesizer

Webpage Synthelog

[English notes] [Dutch notes]

mains switch repaired 29.04.2019

in working condition, 2019

Synthelog I
1978 Synthelog II

portable synthesizer

  • - 1 VCO
  • - 1 LFO
  • - 2 clock generators
  • - Noise generator
  • - Filter
  • - sequencer
  • - ADSR
  • - freq. to voltage convertor
  • - mixer
  • - external trigger

Webpage Synthelog

fully repaired/restaured 16.10.2018

90-230V ac - figure 8 power connector

in working condition, 2019 Synthelog II
1978 Synthelog III small portable synthesizer

Of this model, we produced five copies, which were sold.


Webpage Synthelog

to be checked
1979 Synthelog IV double model synthelog portable synth. Webpage Synthelog to be checked
1979 Synthelog for kids portable synthesizers

Highly simplified model.
repaired 03/2014

Webpage Synthelog

checked o.k 04/2019
1979 Synthelog V mini synth with LDR controls Webpage Synthelog needs repair
1979 Mini Synthelog mini synthesizer

Of this model, ten copies have been build and sold.

Webpage Synthelog

1979 Mini synthelog with touch contacts and light dependent resistors Webpage Synthelog to be checked
1979 Stereo noise generator two uncorrelated noise channels, one TTL output, in a metal cigar box.   to be checked  
1979 Sirene 12 automated sirens robot, interactive composing automat

[English text]

to be checked

1979-80 Canons five remote controlled canons for dummy explosives (commisioned by the National Philharmonic Orchestra and the Brussels Philharmonic Society)

large welded steel construction

console remote control with 24-key keyboard and safety lock

probably lost or destroyed at the Brussels Palais des Beaux Arts

A complete description can be found in my book 'Logos @ 50' (2018)

1980 Singing Bicycles turning bicycles into instruments [English text] [Dutch text] [French notes] one set of 24 available at Logos, one set owned by Charlie Morrow (New York), one set made in Cork, Ireland (2008).
1980 Harp processor a transformational synth and modulator for a harp designed and build to the order of Gyde Knebusch sold  
1980 Trigger Interface a dual trigger interface for use with instrument pick-ups (input) and synthelog synths    
1981/1989 An ear for violin, an ear for clarinet Two analog phase locked loop based devices for 8-note polyphonic real-time pitch recognition. each board has 8 sharp filters tuned to possible inputs from violin and clarinet. adapted to work on the Hex-bus, 1989
1981 Quadrofonic 12-input patcher

12 inputs, 4 outputs and stereo mixdown

made for real time electronic music concerts

studio equipment

balanced in- and outputs, line level

1981 Kraakdoos made for children sound workshops

using recycled printed circuit boards

rechecked 03.2014

some 20 copies were produced and sold

Klankspoor / Soundtrack

version 1.0

tape recording / playback machine working at walking speed webpage on the Soundtrack project  


version 2.0

tape recording / playback machine working at walking speed. Shotgun microphone mounted on the instrument. webpage on the Soundtrack project in working conditon 2019
1981/1982 Digital Loudspeaker audio art project using plasma speakers Talking Flames in working condition, 2019
1983 Holosound sonar installation [Dutch text] [English text] [French text] in working condition, 2019 one copy owned by 'Klankspeeltuin', Muziekgebouw Amsterdam, one copy owned by MIM, Brussels.
1983 Ultrasonic craclebox sonar device needs the Holosound demodulation circuitry checked o.k 04.2019
1983/84 Cassette Manipulofoon manual cassette tape scratch machine   lost
1984 Logolog a talking synthesizer uses an 8-bit allophone generator chipset needs repair  
1984 Bow microphone a bridge with contact microphone to amplify the bowhair vibrations   a specific preamp was designed and build in 2002.
1985 Solstice Mixers 1 - 2 made for the solstice event 21.06.1985 in the Ghent Bellfry tower      
1985 Solstice Mixer 3 made for the pick-ups on the large carillon bells in the Ghent Belfry tower

comes with a set of moving coil pickup's to be attached to the bells

Used for 'Tutti Tubi in Campane'

needs repair
1985 Solstice Mixer 4 made for the Hemony bells in the Belfry museum    
1986 Hex 1

electroacoustic computer controlled orchestra

computer controlled miniature acoustic instruments original version for the Epson HX20 laptop.  
1987 Hex 2 digital installation,

electroacoustic computer controlled orchestra

computer controlled miniature acoustic instruments version for the Epson HX20 laptop.  
1987 Toetkuip

outdoors event & instrument

download wave sound

[Dutch Text] [English Text]

(revised 2005)


In working condition 2019

1987 Klankboot outdoors event & instrument [Dutch Text]


Needs a Tabor boat

1987 Puls generator a tool for research and measurement on musical robots   laboratory equipment  
1988 Hex 3 digital installation,

electroacoustic computer controlled orchestra

computer controlled miniature acoustic instruments version for the Toshiba T1000 laptop.  
1988 Optofmofoon electronic instrument uses cascaded 555 timer chips  
1988 Chromatic octaves synth 12 x 8 octaves chromatic synth module  


used in the first version of our <So> robot.

2 copies made.

1988 Synthelog'88 computer controlled hybrid synthesizer  

Open PCB board

uses the HEX-bus

1983/96 Pneumafoon

orchestra/ pneumatic sound sculpture

consists of 24 modules and 3 large compressors

[English] [Dutch]

Complete pneumaphone catalogue and pictures on the web: click link above

ca. 2000kg
1988 Kinderversterkers 2 mengingangen, ingebouwde voeding en luidspreker 4 Watt.  

14 made, 11sold

2 in working condition

1 repaired 2019

1989-1991 Construction of the Logos Tetrahedron architectural acoustic space   seriously endangered as of 2023  

1991 (V1)

2002 (V2)

2007 (V3)

2009 (V4)

2020 (V5)


automatic robotic instrument, programmable

midi implemented

programmable automatic instrument based on a C-melody saxophone taken from an old Grymonprez orchestrion). R1
1992 Muscle-interface computer-controller human interface used to amplify the sounds of a starving tree in the opera 'Rooie Niki' (Rednick) myoelectric amplifier, can also be used to capture plant signals.
1992 Balanced I/O driver audio-electronic studio module made for the electronic music studio at Logos    
1993 Invisible instrument

invisable instrument (digital interface) using ultrasound

presented as part of Godfried-Willem Raes doctoral dissertation.

[English text] used for 'A Book of Moves' and 'Songbook' one copy owned by the Brussels MIM
1993 Brainwave-interface computer-controller human interface    
1993 Virtual Jews Harp radar controlled instrument Virtual Jews Harp uses microwave Gunn diodes  

1994 (V1)

2012 (V2)

Polymetronome computerized conductor

performance tool

Dutch description and details

1994-1995 Carrozza del Impossibilita del Unisono open air parade construction dutch description parts later recycled for other projects (Le Grand Coucou)  
1995 (V1) Player Piano

Piano Vorsetzer

digital automated instrument, in collaboration with Gerhard Trimpin

[Dutch only: naar betreffend hoofdstuk in kursus Experimentele Muziek]

circuit details: 2116.html

1995 Sonar Ranger computerinterface human interface

uses a Polaroid sensor at 50kHz

needs repair

used a.o. in 'Ping' by Joachim Brackx

1995 Egg 3-axis accelleration controller for gestural sound control. [Het ei van Godfried]    
1995 Long Guiro 1m long guiro, made to the order of Mauricio Kagel    
1996 Optoson 1 optical sound camera   used for Mach'96
1996 Optoson 2 optical sound camera   used for Mach96
1996 Optoson 3 optical sound camera   used for Mach96
1996 Optoson 4 optical sound camera   used for Mach96
1997 Cloudrider


sound sculpture, robot [bilingual article] in working condition as of 2020
1997 Le Grand Coucou street parade construction uses large bellows and four organ pipes available, in working condition  
1997 Theremins historical distance controlled instrument   new design  

1997 (V1)

2005 (V2)

<Vox Humanola>

programmable automated instrument with 18th century single reed-pipes. Pneumatic

5 octaves

Equal temperament A=440Hz

Programmable Barrelorgan

to the right: Vox Humanola

250 kg


1998 (V1)

2007 (V2)


programmable automated instrument with restaured flue pipes. Pneumatic

4 octaves


Equal temperament


Programmable Barrelorgan

to the right: Piperola

140 kg


1999 Circuit for 'Elektries Strijkkwartet' van Dick Raaijmakers analog circuit: matrix mixer interactive instrumental interface

commissioned by 'Champ d'Action' (+)


1999/2017 Programmable Barrelorgan


a robotic Hohner melodica

Equal temperament, two octaves.

A= 440Hz

10 kg


2000/2001/ 2005 <Harma>


joined the robot orchestra in june 1th 2001. This automat can be taken outdoors, if the weather is dry.

programmable automated harmonium (reed organ)

Equal temperament




2000 Zwiep accelleration controller to be mounted on a flute. Based on an accelleration sensing device.   for Karin Defleyt  

2000 (V1)

2006 (V2)


This automaton can be taken outdoors, if the weather is dry.

Revised august-september 2006.

programmable automated brass angklung

Equal temperament.


ca.250 kg.


2000 (V1)

2006 (V2)


joined the robot orchestra in in july 2000

Some extra features added in 2002.

Revised in september 2006.

Features added october 2010.

programmable woodblock assembly with thundersheet, windmachine, rattle, lightning, rainmachine, bird and cricket.

ca. 110 kg


2000 (V1)

2006 (V2)


joined the robot orchestra in september 2000

Revised september 2006

programmable large spring installation (4 to 6 large tetrahedral structures, 2 small), also incorporating motor driven siren, police flashlight and shakers.

ca. 200kg


2000 (V1)

2004 (V2)

Troms joined the robot orchestra in in august 2000. Revized, april 2004. programmable assembly of 7 drums , from large to small. Small cymbal added 2004.

ca. 95kg


2000/2001 (V1)

2007 (V2)

Rotomoton joined the robot orchestra in may 2001. Revized 2007. programmable assembly of 5 rototoms, from large to small



2000/2002 Bourdonola

constructed in collaboration with Marc Maes

joined the robot orchestra in august 2002. Revised 2004.

low register programmable barrelorgan. The register consists of open wooden flue pipes.

Equal temperament.


Notes 36-62

ca. 250kg


2001 Vibi

joined the robot orchestra in 16.10.2001

minor modifications:20.01.2004

programmable automated vibraphone.

Equal temperament







joined the robot orchestra in 20.04.2002

revised: 08.2006

programmable automated brass carillon with 34 bells.



2002 Piezo-preamps phantom powered with transformer balanced output   14 copies made (some quad types)

Quad piezo preamp

2002 (V1.0)

2016 (V2.0)


joined the robot orchestra in 15.01.2003.

revised: 05/07-2016

two fully automated singing saws with dual bowing mechanism and flexatone like beaters.

138 kg


2002 Dripper

joined the robot orchestra in 21.10.2002, premiered at the Krakow Audio Art Festival November 2nd, 2002.

Revised 03.2005.

programmable dripping machine (12 drips)

Expanded to 24 drips in 2005

11 kg


2003 Tubi joined the robot orchestra in 07.05.2003. Premiered at the M&M concert in Ghent, Logos Tetrahedron on may 8th 2003.

quartertone automated tubophone

Equal 24 tone temperament.


ca. 85kg


2003 / 2007




joined the robot orchestra in august 2003.

Revised august 2007.

automated sousaphone, with extended microtonal possibilities.

ca. 80 kg


2003/ 2004 <Puff>

joined the robot orchestra in , april 2004

PIR movement sensors added in 2010.

automated quartertone puff-organ.

24-tone equal temperament




1999/2005 Trump


joined the robot orchestra in july 2004.

Pipe renovation: 09.2005

programmable barrelorgan module (trumpet register, with exponential horn)

Equal temperament.




2004/2007 <Hurdy>

joined the robot orchestra in august 2004.

Revized 2007.

two stringed automated bass hurdy gurdy




2004 (V1)

2005 (V2)



first version joined the robot orchestra in december 2004.

second version august 2005

automated accordion



2004/2005 <Llor> joined the robot orchestra in january 2005 stainless steel bells



2004/2016 <pp2>

our second and much improved player piano

joined the robot orchestra in july 2005

fingers replaced 2006

revised 2016

with pedal module (joined the robot orchestra in september 2005)


pedal: 35kg


2004/2005 <Sire>

joined the robot orchestra in 18.05.2005

24 programmable sirens (suspended or setup up in line, or spacial as 3 separate modules of 8 sirens each)



2005 Nail violin finished 04.2005 made for Moniek Darge. Circular shape, hardened steel nails. 1kg stolen, 2006.
2005 <la Vacca>

joined the robot orchestra on 12.06.2005


48 automated cowbells



2005-2006 <Krum> joined the robot orchestra in february 2006

an automated Krummhorn organ register, 56 pipes.

Equal temperament, A=440Hz

Notes 36-91



2004/2006 <Psch> joined the robot orchestra in february 2006 an automated collection of vibrating stainless steel sheets



2006 <Snar> joined the robot orchestra in may 2006 an automated full featured snare drum





joined the robot orchestra in april 2006. 36 automated cowbells

93 kg


2005/2010 <Bono>

joined the robot orchestra in december 2008

revized 2010

an automated rotary valve trombone

equal temperament A=440Hz, with microtonal possibilities.



2004/2008 <Qt>

A collaborative project with Hogent, department of music and drama.

joined the robot orchestra in june 2008

quartertone pipe organ with closed flue pipes - 6 octaves

Equal 24 tones temperament A=440Hz



2006/2008 <Bako>

joined the robot orchestra in february.2008


an automated bass accordion with bellows

Equal temperament A=440Hz



2007 <Xy> joined the robot orchestra in april 2007

an automated quartertone xylophone

Equal temperament A=442Hz



2007 <Casta Due> joined the robot orchestra in may 2007 an automated set of 16 castanets



2007/2010 <Simba> joined the robot orchestra in july 2007 automated cymbals



2007 <HY1> finished october 2007 hybrid sonar and radar sensor 2kg
2007 <Axe3> finished november 2007 acceleration sensing devices 500g  
2007 <Pir2> finished december 2007 pyrodetecting body sensor with midi output 250g  
2007/2010 <Aeio> joined the robot orchestra in 2010 an automated aeolian cello



2007 <Handy One> finished december 2007 octal pressure pad midi controller 300g
2007/2008 <Heli> joined the robot orchestra in december 2008 an automated helicon

53 kg


2008/2010 <Korn>

joined the robot orchestra in december 2008

<Korn> was awarded the public prize at the ArtBot 2011 robot talent show organised by TimeLab.

an moving automated Bb cornet



2008 <Toypi> joined the robot orchestra in august 2008 robotic 3 octave toy piano



2008/2010 <Ob>

joined the robotorchestra in 2009

automated oboe, with movement R42
2009 <Hat>

hardware finished 31.09.2009

delivered: december 2009

hit-anything robot designed and build for Aphex Twin


94 kg


2009/2010 <harmO> joined the robot orchestra in february 2010

a 9 register reed organ

6-0ctave ambitus.

115 kg


2009/2010 <Bomi> joined the robot orchestra in august 2010

an automated wood-pipe organ with individual note expression control.


50 kg


2010 <ii2010> invisible instrument, analog FM frontend doppler sonar and radar based 2 kg  
2011 <Fa>

joined the robot orchestra in may 2011

Version 1.2: october 2012

an automated bassoon with extended possibilities, including movement.

45 kg


2011 <Spiro> joined the robot orchestra in august 2011 an automated spinet



2011/2012 <Synchrochord> under revision now a fretted monochord



2012 Unter Strom Harp Harp with five 6 m long strings for the performance of 'Unter Strom' by Mauricio Kagel

this is not a robotic instrument.

Made to the order of the Orpheus Institute

60 kg  
2012 <Klar> Operational since september 2012. an automated alto Eb clarinet with extended possibilities including microtonality and movement.

59 kg


2012 Radial Blower build for the performance of 'Unter Strom' by Mauricio Kagel

3 phase motor with controller and balanced radial blade fan

Made to the order of the Orpheus Institute

8 kg  
2012 Windmill build for the performance of 'Taktil' by Mauricio Kagel

propellor with 1280mm diameter, driven with a handcrank. With wind machine, drum and canvas.

Made to the order of the Orpheus Institute

120 kg
2013 <Temblo> an automated set of twelve chinese temple blocks  



2013 <Saf> a safety power supply unit for the entire robot orchestra

Not an instrument in itself.

3 kW

2013 <Horny> an automated microtonal french horn 650mmx 650mm, height 700mm



2013 <Asa>

an automated alto saxophone

has left-right and forward-backward movement

30 kg


2013 / 2016 <Whisper> an experimental instrument using cavity resonators  

25 kg


2014 <Rodo> struck bronze rods with dampers and electromagnetic drive mechanism to make it sing 31 bronze tone rods

80 kg


2014 <Snar2> automated snare drum commisioned by Aphex Twin

25 kg


2014 <Display>

universal midi controlled 4-digit displays

(two copies made)


500 g


2014 <Hybr> a membrane driven pipe organ with full microtonal possibilities. Made from PVC pipe.

65 kg


2015 <HybrHi> a discant for <Hybr>, membrane driven pipes with full microtonal possibilities, made from PVC pipe.

21 kg


2014-2017 <Zi>

an automated plucked zither based on the Qanun.

Under construction

Made on request from De Centrale. R60
2014-2015 <Propeller 1> small airplane propeller for the performance of Ballet Mecanique by George Antheil. Made on request for Ictus ensemble

45 kg


2015 <Propeller 2> large airplane propeller for the performance of Ballet Mecanique by George Antheil. Made on request for Ictus ensemble R62  
2015 <Propeller 3> large airplane propeller for the performance of Ballet Mecanique by George Antheil. Made on request for Ictus ensemble R63  
2015 <Bello> industrial bells for the performance of Ballet Mecanique by Georges Antheil Made on request for Ictus ensemble R64
2015/2019 <Balsi>: Balmec-Siren

motorized computer controlled sirens, a motorized bell and alarm horns.


Used for the performance of George Antheil's Ballet Mechanique.

Part of the robot orchestra since january 2019.

2015 <PVC-Project> a mobile environment of PVC instruments

Made on request for Musica vzw. Takes ca. 20 square meters.

Collaborator: Mattias Parent

2015 Howling Hometrainers 12 prepared hometrainers, modelled after our singing bicycle project.

Collaborators: Laura Maes and Mattias Parent

Made on request for Zonzo Company

2014-2023 <Rumo> A large futurist automated noise maker robot
Finished end 2023.


2015 <Tinti>

38 tiny high pitched bells robot with ultrasonic demodulation features



23 kg


2015 US-SPL meter sound pressure level meter for ultrasound webpage on this measurement tool

1 kg

improved version made 2019

2015 Talking Flame 3 a new version of our Talking Flames project, using plasma speaker technology Talking Flames 2 kg
2016 <Chi> Bronze orchestral chimes with extended ultrasonic demodulation features  

40 kg


2016 Audio Chopper analog legacy audio chopper circuit for line level audio input signals commisioned by the Orpheus Institute, Hipex research group. 120 g
2016 Mirrored-X microprocessor based real time midi-invertor   60 g  
2016 3-channel midi synth 16-bit 3-channel synthesizer   PCB
2016 <HybrLo> subbass membrane driven hybrid organ four octaves

80 kg


2016/2017 <Bug> a robotic flugelhorn, with 2-axis movement and microtonality. commisioned by LOD for the 'Helden' production with Josse De Pauw.

33 kg


2017 Spikes

> 200 small autonomous circuits producing acoustic spikes

Solar energy powered

made for an audio art installation project by Laura Maes for Dartmouth College (USA)


2017 <Pi>

a really portable extreme high pitched electromechanical organ

3 1/2 octave ambitus.

1.7 kg

w= 370 mm, d= 70 mm, h = 306 mm


2018 Trilplaat an audio art project using a ripple tank for audio display made on request for Musica and Concertgebouw Brugge

20 kg

1000 x 1000 x 250 mm

Transducer redesigned 2019.

2018 <Pos>

a small automated full range pipe organ

5-octave ambitus

1200 x 2000 x 350 mm


2018 'Singing Fence' a public space monument commissioned by Frederik Van Simaey

tubular bell installation

Permanent installation in the city of Kortrijk.

6000 x 2013 x 30 mm  
2018 <Per>

a suspended automated drumkit with small propellers

bass drum, hihat, 5 small drums, cymbals, tambourine

1500 x 70 x 35


2018 <2Pi> a serinette miniature organ with membrane driven pipes

2 1/2 octaves ambitus

can operate as a stand-alone robot.

1.4 kg


2018 <Ribby> under research a ribbon string instrument postponed: lack of subsidy  
2004/2018 <Raspa> projected for late fall 2021. Designed 11/2003 automated precision ratchet postponed: lack of subsidy  
2005/2018 <Klaks> in preparation 2008/2021 programmable compressed air car horn organ postponed: lack of subsidy  
2019 Plus-Minus

an interactive stand-alone audio installation

uses analog electronics only (18 ringmodulators and 54 compressor circuits), three channel output.

short MP3 demo


  • Lara Van Wijnsberghe
  • Laura Maes
  • Mattias Parent
  • Bert Vandekerckhove
2019 Ultrasonic Sound Pressure Meter laboratory tool

frequency range: 20kHz-100kHz

SPL range: 55dB SPL - 124dB SPL (ref. 20uPa)

precision: 3dB

webpage on this measurement tool

3 copies made. 2 sold.
2019 Piezo preamps

universal high sensitivity piezo preamp

Fully configurable

1/4" jack in- and output connectors

9V battery operated

6 copies made
2019 Kybernos a very large and sturdy force-feedback controller for musical robots under construction postponed due to lack of subsidy  
2019 Blitze und Donner

an interactive audio installation

[under consideration]

[can only be realized if we get a subsidy]

using very high voltage sparks exciting strings and automated radar controlled thundersheets postponed due to lack of subsidy  
2007-2021 <RorO> mobile pipe organ 6-octave mobile barrelorgan with registers


145 kg


construction delayed up to 07.2021 due to lack of subsidy.

Finished july 2021.

2019 <Tubo> aluminum tubular bells with dampers and moving resonators Has radar sensors for stand-alone interactive operation.


228 kg

2020 <Flut> an automated flute

extended and with microtonal possibilities



2020-2021 <Hunt> an automated hunting horn with special attention to the implementation of a weath of different tunings. R78
2021 <Trumpeter> an automated trumpet

made to the order of Alain Van Zeveren

extended and with microtonal possibilities

finished june 2021


17 kg (without stand)

2021-2023 <Sperspi> an automated Sperrhake spinet under construction R80  
2021-2024 <Pianet> an automated Hohner pianet

made to the order of Alain Van Zeveren

under construction

2021 <Cornalto> an automated Eb alto saxhorn

made to the order of Alain Van Zeveren

extended and with microtonal possibilities

finished october 2021


height: 920 mm

width: 500 mm

length = 380 mm



2021-2023 <Shak> automated maracas

made to the order of Stef Kamil Carlens


2022 <Steely>

automated small steeldrum

with build-in radar interface

finished january 2022



2022 <3Pi> robotic membrane driven pipe organ, regal finished march 2022


heigth: 440

width: 340

depth: 100

weigth: ca. 4 kg

2022 <4Pi> robotic membrane driven pipe organ, regal 5 1/2 octaves. finished may 2022


heigth: 900 mm

width: 920 mm

depth: 100 mm

weight: 13kg

2023 <Arduino Bots> a robotic project for schools and workshops january-february 2023 PCB's to accomodate 3 different Arduino models (Uno, Nano and MKR)  
2023 <Kazumi>

an automated kazoo playing robot

Has a radar gesture sensor for autonomous operation

finished april 2023 R87
2024 <Teno> an automated Charles Mahillon Bb tenor saxhorn. finished march 2024


heigth: 1000 mm

width: 620 mm

depth: 350 mm

weight: 45 kg

Automats & Robots: Soundsculpture

[a more systematic catalogue is available by clicking this link] [een meer overzichtelijke katalogus is beschikbaar via deze link]

We offer many different and spectacular full evening concert programs featuring these automated instruments alone, in different combinations, as well as in combination with musicians and dancers (Logos Robot Orchestra). Many robots and automated instruments can also be presented as an interactive audio art installation. Concert organizers, feel free to enquire!

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