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M&M Robot Orchestra


electric safety & connection

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Whenever we take the robot orchestra on the road, we carry a large safety transformer with us, such that all power circuitry on the robots is fully isolated from the mains power. The transformer is rated for 2500 VA and primary voltages can be selected from:

  • 420V L1 L2
  • 400V L1 L2
  • 380V L1 L2
  • 240V N L
  • 230V N L
  • 220V N L

Selection of primary voltage requires opening the <Saf> module and connecting a single wire on the terminal block. We have a set of different power leads with power plugs for a variety of different countries: UK, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia.

Thus a single power socket rated for minimum 16A is all we need from the local venue.

Secondary voltage, feeding the robots, is always 230V. The <Saf> module has 8 outlets with normal sockets but without ground and one blue CEE outlet.



<Saf> power module for the M&M robot orchestra



Left: input side with bipolar switch

Right: output side with 8 mains sockets and 1 CEE 16A socket.

  • Size: 200mm wide, 450mm depth, 400mm height
  • Weight: ca. 30kg
  • Insurance value: 1400 Euro.

Construction diary:

  • 22-26.03.2013: Construction works by Godfried-Willem Raes. Notice the split windings on the separation transformer.
  • Left: input side with bipolar switch. Right: output side with 8 mains sockets and 1 CEE 16A socket. The bolts for the top cap are M10 x 25, stainless steel. The terminal block for voltage selection is underneath.

  • 27.03.2013: Variety of international mains leads constructed. Grids made for protection of the sides. We actually recycled grid material from our old rheostat ADB light organ. Blue light mounted underneath. We used a blue LED spotlight with a GU11 socket. Top cap and grid sprayed blue RAL5012. The connector for the UK has a build-in 13A fuse. We hope it survives the switch on surge...
  • 28.03.2013: If 3 phase lines are available at the venue, always prefer to connect on the highest possible between-lines voltage (range 380 to 420V). This reduces primary current requirements.

Schneider Electric, 2500VA Type nr. ABL6TS250U 50/60Hz (Ordered from Farnell).

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