Videos of the Singing Bicycles, robots on tour and other projects

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Logos robots playing contemporary music
Interactive dance (Namuda, Quadrada and other interfaces)
Logos Ancient Music
Moniek Darge's music box performances

Singing Bicycles

Singing Bicycles in Brussels, September 2010
Download (0:38 - mov file - 15 MB)

Singing Bicycles in Brussels, September 2010
Download (1:35 - mov file - 37 MB)

Artbots 2011

Demonstration of <Snar> and <Korn> with the Picradar movement sensors for the Artbots Gent 2011 festival.

Alexander Reben's robot One One dancing with Logos' <Snar>. You can find out more about Reben's project, Acquired Knowledge, here

Download video (0:19 - mov file - 8 MB)

A kind baby noticed that <Korn> was getting hungry.

Download video (0:30 - mov file - 12 MB)

Venetiaans Bal (Gent Festival van Vlaanderen), oktober 2011

Sebastian Bradt: The Blind System

Download video (3:52 - mov file - 90 MB)

Trotto (anon.) arr. Sebastian Bradt

Download video (1:37 - mov file - 38 MB)

STAM opening

Demonstration of the movement sensors at the opening of the STAM in Gent, October 2010

Moniek Darge: Muziekdozen

Music box performance at Avanti!, September 2010

Logos Duo at Krikri Festival 2003

Moniek Darge (performance) and Godfried-Willem Raes (electronics), 22 november 2003

Pietje Rood

Eco-cartoons set in Ghent, 1977. Director: Gerda Verheeke; animation: Etienne De Bruyne; soundtrack: Godfried-Willem Raes.

Episode 1

Download video (5:27 - mpg file - 251 MB)