At the first meeting of the board of directors each year, the board looks through and evaluates all concerts organized and produced by the Logos Foundation over the past year. The concert that is judged 'the best' or the 'revelation' of that year, receives the honorary annual 'Logos Award'. If the board could not reach a consensus, the award is not given (N.N. in the list).

The award is not for an artist's career, nor the quality of his/her work in general, but simply for the quality of the particular performance for the audience at Logos.

Artists working at the foundation or closely related to its workings are excluded from the award. Until 1998 the list was a well-kept secret within the Foundation. But when we celebrated Logos' 30th anniversary, we decided to publish the entire list for the first time. The artists mentioned here are entitled to mention the Honorary Logos Award in their CV.

Year Name Country Nominations
1968 N.N.    
1969 Ladislav Kupkovic (died 2016) Slovakia  
1970 Dick Raaijmakers (died 2013) Holland  
1971 Sonic Arts Union USA  
1972 Hugh Davies (died 2005) UK  
1973 Gavin Bryars UK  
1974 Han Bennink & Misja Mengelberg (died 2016) Holland  
1975 Alvin Curran USA  
1976 Davide Mosconi (died 2002) Italy  
1977 Dieter & Ulricke Truestedt Germany  
1978 Plastic Platypus: Warren Burt, Ron Nagorcka Australia  
1979 Trans Museq: Davey Williams (died 2019) & La Donna Smith USA  
1980 Myles Boisen USA  
1981 Carles Santos (died 2017) Spain  
1982 David Moss USA  
1983 Joelle Leandre France  
1984 Sakis Papadimitriou Greece  
1985 Lorenc Barber Spain  
1986 Colorado New Music Ensemble: Stephen Scott (died 2021) USA  
1987 Alvin Lucier (died 2021) USA  
1988 Jerry Hunt (died 1993) USA  
1989 Jackson McLow (died 2004) USA  
1990 Giardini Pensili - Isabella Bordoni Italy  
1991 Clarenz Barlow India  
1992 Michael Vorfeld Germany  
1993 Frances Marie Uitti Italy  
1994 Trimpin Schweiz/USA  
1995 Konstantin Gockel Germany  
1996 Tomoko Mukaiyama Japan  
1997 Isabeella Beumer Germany  
1998 European Wind Trio Europe  
1999 Jerome Rothenberg USA  
2000 Michele Marelli Italy  
2001 Volker Staub Germany  
2002 Stephan Froleyks Germany  
2003 Moritz Eggert Germany  
2004 Robert Ashley (died 2014) USA  
2005 Stefano Scodanibbio (died 2011)


2006 Wu Wei China  
2007 Teodoro Anzelotti Italy  
2008 Jenny Chai US  
2009 Eva Zoellner Germany Arsis4 Strijkkwartet,Isabeella Beumer, AUMF, Jaap Blonk, Stichting Antarctica, Kirkjubaejarklaustur, Tom De Cock
2010 Giacomo di Tollo Italy Juan Parra Cancino & Mieko Kanno, Shiau-Uen Ding, LithoPhiola, Ciro Longobardi
2011 Caroline Wilkins & Oded Ben-Tal UK Nadar ensemble, Keith Kirchoff, David Friend
2012 Antez- Joris Ruhl Duo - Nico Couck, Enrico Malatesta - Christian Wolfarth, Erik Drescher
2013 Marianne Schuppe CH Gobi Quartet, Gabi Sultana
2014 iii - Phill Niblock, Karin Defleyt, Robert Black
2015 Trevor Wishart UK Max Eastley
2016 Thomas Buckner USA Alex Dewulf
2017 Maja Jantar Vl Francoise Vanhecke
2018 - - Lukas Huisman
2019 Tashi Iwaoka Japan Andres Navarro, Jason Kahn, Christian Wolfarth
2020 - - Corona Virus
2021 - - Thomas Moore, Nico Couck, Francoise Vanhecke
2022 - - -

    Last updated: 2021-25-01