Over Stichting Logos

Stichting Logos is Vlaanderens uniek professioneel produktiecentrum voor nieuwe muziek. Naast de eigen produktie doen wij ook aan geavanceerd technologisch onderzoek naar de ontwikkeling van nieuwe muzikale expressiemiddelen. Hier vindt u meer algemene informatie en wettelijke gegevens over de Stichting.

About the Logos Foundation

The Logos Foundation is Flanders' unique professional non-profit organisation promoting new musics and related arts by means of new music production, concerts, performances, composition and technological research projects and other contemporary music related activities. You can find more official information about the Foundation here.

Corporate sponsors

Do you want to link your company name to Flanders' most exciting and innovative musical arts organisation? Perhaps you're interested in supporting the use and development of robotics technology in the arts? Or maybe you'd like to arrange a concert by the Robot Orchestra for your company day? For more information about what we can offer you, please call us (+32 9 223 8089), or just come along, or .

Individual donors

If you would like to help ensure the future of the Logos Foundation, the Robot Orchestra and our other fantastic projects, you are welcome to donate to one of the following account numbers:

post office: 000-0489070-93 IBAN BE98 0000 4890 7093 BIC: BPOTBEB1
BNP: 290-0016395-23 IBAN BE92 2900 0163 9523 BIC:GEBABEBB

in the name of Stichting Logos, Kongostraat 35, 9000 GENT

For more information about donations, please call us (+32 9 223 8089) or .

Steunfonds 2022 - Donors 2022

  • dr.Godfried-Willem Raes (Vl)
  • Moniek Darge (Vl)
  • Kris De Baerdemacker (Vl)
  • Valerie Bouckaert (Vl)
  • (8 x anoniem)

Steunfonds 2021 - Donors 2021

  • dr.Godfried-Willem Raes (Vl)
  • Moniek Darge (Vl)
  • Kris De Baerdemacker (Vl)
  • Valerie Bouckaert (Vl)
  • James Bailey (USA)
  • Tom Decuyper (Vl)
  • (3 x anoniem)

Crowd funding: Logos Foundation goes on with your support!

Stichting Logos is ernstig bedreigd maar gaat door.

The Flemish government stopped the structural funding of the Logos Foundation and this after 54 years of producing experimental music all over the world!
Sign our petition, write a supportive comment. Reading your warm words bring consolation in this painful time!
We need your help more than ever: donate what you can, so we can try to save what we can! THANKS! Logos goes on.

Logos Steunfonds 2022

Op Uw steun zijn we meer dan ooit aangewezen! Giften kunnen gestort worden op onze bpost rekening (BE98 0000 4890 7093 BIC:BPOTBEB1XXX) met vermelding 'Steunfonds Logos'

Subsidierende overheden - Government sponsors

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