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Concerts at Logos - 1968

Nederlandse tekst over 10 jaar Logos 1968-1979

Voor een goed verhaal over de geschiedenis van logos, is er het boek van Godfried-Willem Raes: 'Logos @ 50, het kloppend hart van de avant-garde muziek in Vlaanderen' (ed. Stichting Kunstboek, Oostkamp, 2018)


In the academic year 1968-1969 at the Ghent Royal Conservatory, a small group of progressive students found themselves together in a few seminars organized by the government in the Conservatories in an attempt to revitalize them a bit and to bring them in contact again with the realities of modern music culture from the lethargy in which they had deeply sunk.

Norbert Rosseau led the class on contemporary composition techniques. The students were: Mark Desmet, Emmy Meirlaen, Godfried-Willem Raes, Etienne Baert, Dirk Verschraegen.

Louis De Meester, who refused to enter a single foot into the conservatory, taught his class on 'Functional Music - Electronic Music', at the facilities of the University (the former IPEM studio). The students were: Mark Desmet, Emmy Meirlaen, Godfried-Willem Raes.

From these seminars grew Godfried-Willem Raes composition 'Logos 3:5', scored for piano, cello, oboe, violin and an automated electronic conductor, premiered in 1969. Particular about this piece was, that every player played his part in a different tempo. The relations between the tempi were derived from the ratio 3:5. Thus very complicated rhythms could be realized without making the notation awfully difficult. The electronic conductor, build by the composer, used flashing (colored) lights to establish the different tempos for the players.

The Logos group was formed -they took the name only later on- by bringing together the musicians required and enthousiastic to perform this piece:

The group stayed together to perform this and other pieces in 1969, and became at the same time the nucleus of a contesting student group at the conservatory. Godfried-Willem Raes, who at the same time was enrolled at the Ghent State University to undertake studies in musicology, formed a bridge connecting to the general student movement which was very active that year... With Jan Emiel Daele (+) he organised the public debate on pornography, leading to an occupation of the university.

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