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Logos Tetrahedron

Technical notes and infrastructure survey for musicians:
  • sound reinforcement and projection equipment: 9 separate loudspeaker channels with separate amps.
  • Soundfield, Neumann and Schoeps microphones for recording
  • AKG condenser mikes for amplification
  • Tascam DA30 DAT-machines
  • Tascam CD player
  • Tascam Minidisc recorder
  • Zoom recorders
  • EA-music mixer: Soundcraft, 32/8/4/2 + Mackie 24/4/2 + Behringer 16/4
  • All wiring makes use of balanced XLR connectors and/or digital AES/EBU or SPDIF coaxial.
  • For a list of audio equipment available cfr. logos studio
  • Kawai KG1 grand piano (cfr: instruments available)
  • Clavichord (5 octaves)
  • Spinet
  • Full featured robot orchestra (70 musical robots)


Number of seats: 100 to 150 (depending on stage use and seating arrangements)


Stainless steel (3mm thickness AISA 304, with 20% Chromium content) on a slightly elastic and very thick epoxy rosin base.


  • ADB stage lighting equipment (Eurorack 60) 24 circuits, 3kW each.
  • ADB 'Tango' control desk (DMX programmable)
  • 30 theatre spotlights (ADB), floods, profile spots, beamers... 500W/650W/1000W
  • 2 circuits with toroidal transformer dimmers.
  • 2 16mm filmprojectors (1 Siemens, 1 Kodak)
  • 2 super 8 fimprojectors
  • 2 Kodak caroussel slideprojectors
  • 1 video projector (Sony beamer)
  • 2 Large LED video screens on stand (Samsung)


Electrical outlets:

  • 230 V / 50 Hz fully floating (via isolation transformer)
  • 400 V 3-phase (CEE 32 A connectors)
  • 110/120 V fully floating (via isolation transformer) US wall sockets available.
  • 100 V (Japan) available on request.
  • maximum power available: 96 kW

The hall cannot be completely darkened when it is light outside!


  • Network (10 GB bandwidth) of some 30 PC-type computers (Pentium). We have NO Mac's available!
  • Wireless network available throughout the buildings (WIFI).
  • Professional SONY Video LCD projector (SVGA input)
  • Broadband internet connections Streaming possibilities.

Note: performances and installations can also take place in our lodge, adjacent to the tetrahedron, seating some 60 people.

Last updated: 2017-05-31