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Logos' Robot Orchestra

'Onmogelijk' / 'Impossible'

Pictures Namuda performance July 21th,22nd, 23th 2015, Ghent.

Opening in the Logos Lodge:

First act:

instrumentation: Bellenorgel, 3 airplane propellers, siren, rain machine <Dripper>. Three dancers.

Radar interactive coding: Godfried-Willem Raes and Kristof Lauwers.

Second act:

Instrumentation: Large gong, springers, <Hybr> and <Hybrhi> robot. Two dancers.

Hybr file composed by Xavier Verhelst.

Third act:

Instrumentation: robots: <Belly>, <Bello>, <Llor>, <Vacca>, <Thunderwood>, <Psch>, <Sire>, <Springers>, 3 large gongs. Three dancers.

Namuda interactive coding by Godfried-Willem Raes and Kristof Lauwers.


Instrumentation: <Bourdonola>, <Qt>, <Whisper>, <Thunderwood>, <Simba>, <Vibi>. Three dancers.

File composed by Lara Van Wynsberghe.

more information on the 'Namuda Studies



Pictures Logos Foundation, 21-22-23.07.2015

Performers in this M&M production: Emilie de Vlam, Kristof Lauwers, Dominica Eyckmans, Lara Vanwynsberge, Xavier Verhelst, Mattias Parent
Production: Godfried-Willem Raes.

 Our CD LPD014 features recordings of our work using body interfaces and gesture control within the M&M robot ensemble.

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