Godfried-Willem Raes


for 1 or 2 guitarists (each playing 2 guitars)

This piece was written in 1976 in answer to a commision by Peter Pieters, who put an end to his life in 1998. It is recorded and available on CD: LPD006, performed by Tom Pauwels.

Fragment of E10, played by Tom Pauwels on Godfried-Willem Raes' Public Domain CD 4 Others.

The title refers to the special scordatura used in the piece: strings are tuned such that all strings can be made to sound E.

The piece has been performed by outstanding guitarists such as Peter Pieters, Jan Emmery, Michel Amoric and Tom Pauwels.

Recent & Upcoming performances:

28.02.2001: Logos tetrahedron, by Tom Pauwels. (Champ d'Action concert)

may 2001: MuHKA (Antwerp) by Tom Pauwels

Here follows the complete original score:

Godfried-Willem RAES
Public Domain, 1976

P.S.: Voor uitvoeringen van dit stuk moeten noch mogen auteursrechten worden betaald. Elke poging tot inning van auteursrechten naar aanleiding van publieke uitvoeringen van dit stuk kan gerechterlijk als poging tot afpersing worden vervolgd.

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