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Logos' Robot Orchestra


Sound files and pictures from the performance May 19th 2016, Ghent.

More links to the MP3 files will be added shortly on this page.

Godfried-Willem Raes ' Shifts ', for robot orchestra (1988)

PICRadar Studies for <Korn> and <Toypi> performed by Dominica Eyckmans: MP3-download file.

Maurice Ravel - Philip Corner ' Jeux d'eau' as a revelation, orchestrated for the robot orchestra: MP3-download file.

Godfried-Willem Raes, Namuda Study #51, 'Seduction' ,performed by Dominica Eyckmans. MP3-download file

Xavier Verhelst 'Serpens Nebula' for robot orchestra: MP3-Download file.

Mauricio Kagel 'Zehn Maersche um den Sieg zu verfehlen' (1,2,3,5): MP3-download file.

PICRadar solo studies for <Snar>, <Chi>, <Tinti>, <Horny>, <Temblo> and <Whisper> performed by Emilie De Vlam. MP3-download file (excerpt).

Moritz Eggert 'Moon Man', for robot orchestra


Pictures Logos Foundation, 19.05.2016

Performers in this M&M production: Kristof Lauwers, Emilie De Vlam, Xavier Verhelst, Mattias Parent, Dominica Eyckmans, Godfried-Willem Raes.

Other collaborators: Peter Van Lancker, Moniek Darge, Katie Couck, Lara Van Wynsberghe

 Our CD LPD014 features older recordings of our work using body interfaces and gesture control within the M&M robot ensemble.

 Last updated: 2016-05-20