Audio Art

by Moniek Darge



klankschappen zijn audio-landschappen, waarin omgevingsgeluiden samensmelten met eigen klanken: muziek die de tijd loodrecht op zijn kant laat staan, zodat de grens tussen mens en omgeving vervaagt



In most ethnic cultures, sacred places serve an important function. The qualities, typical of these places, explain to western people the magic magnetism of these "holy grounds". During my international Logos Duo concert tours, I have had the opportunity to visit quite a few of these places. Uluru, the "Shadowgiving Mountain" of the Australian Aborigines, better known under its Western name of "Ayers Rock", impressed me most. The presence of water and an enormous monolith in the midst of the vast desert plain is given as an explanation for its magical appeal. But to the Aborigines, each little place of the rock contains tracks of their ancestors, the "Dreaming People", who live in its mountain and speak to them in the sounds of the winds howling through the crevasses and rockholes.

Soundscaping to me is an attempt to transform the listener into a living witness of the sounds of similar places, not necessarily far away in any specific ethnic culture, but first of all in our everyday surrounding.


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