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Logos M&M robot orchestra


Pictures M&M- Namuda dance theatre november 21th 2013, Gent.


Godfried-Willem Raes - Namuda Study #40: DunkelDark, with dancer- viola player Dominica Eyckmans:

Moniek Darge with Zam Martino Ebale and Kristof Lauwers in the background.

Emilie De vlam Darkness production with Kristof Lauwers:

The robot orchestra:



more information on these 'Namuda Studies



Pictures Logos Foundation, 21.11.2013

Performers in this M&M production: Dominica Eyckmans, Moniek Darge,Zam Martino Ebale, Emilie de Vlam, Kristof Lauwers, Sebastian Bradt, Godfried-Willem Raes.

 Our CD LPD014 features recordings of our work using body interfaces and gesture control within the M&M robot ensemble.

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