Logos Studio : Pictures of legacy equipment

Electronic legacy equipment pictures:

Digital precision voltmeter, with standard cell, 1962 (for sale)

Comb filter to create pseudo stereo from mono, 1972

Voltage Controlled filter, 1973

Line level mixer and amplifier, 1974

High sensitivity modular mixer, 1985

High sensitivity mixer, 1985

Klein + Hummel amplifiers: (1973)

Revox G36 (1964) , with modernized tape reproduction electronics:

Quadrophonic audio distrubutor: 12 in / 4 out / 2 out

Piezo-preamps with phantom power and balanved outputs:

Piezo-preamps with 1/4" jack in- and outputs, battery operated:

In 1968, these were the Truvox taperecorders we used in the Logos workshop:

These decks were produced in the early fifties and when we got them, we transistorised the circuitry right away.

Klein+Hummel Teletest NF-Wattmeter WM10

In perfect working condition.




Last updated: 2020-08-22