Godfried-Willem Raes

"Hur Di Hur Ni"

for <Hurdy>, automated bass hurdy gurdy, dance, radar controllers and laptop performer


This interactive piece for <Hurdy>, dance and laptop computer was written for the inauguration of our new robot named <Hurdy>. The choreography is completely worked out and all behaviour of the robot is a function of the gestures of the dancer. Since we make use of doppler radar devices in the 10GHz range, the dancer should be nude. After all, <Hurdy> is'nt dressed up neither.

The choreography starts with the dancer bringing the robot on stage. After connecting the two essential wires, the robot is switched on. The first element of interactivity is visual: its frontal lights will be modulated with the gesture input. After a while only, <Hurdy> starts emitting its first sounds. The dancer climbs and rides the robot, until it fully reacts. Then the robot is left alone and the piece stops.

Premiere: 20.07.2004 - Ghent, Logos Foundation. (by Emilie De Vlam and the author)

Second performance: 22.07.2004 - Ghent, Logos Tetrahedron

Third performance: 17.08.2004 - Ghent, Logos Tetrahedron



Godfried-Willem RAES
Public Domain, july 2004

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