Godfried-Willem Raes
Block Temples!

1. Islamic

2. Christian

3. Hindu

4. Buddhist

5. Masonic

for the <Temblo> robot


This piece, having a few variations with different subtitles and durations, was written as a demonstration of the capabilities of our newly created <Temblo> robot: an automated set of twelve temple blocks and a ratchet. There are six low templeblocks and six small and high pitched temple blocks. The pieces demonstrate the polymetric as well as the dynamic possibilities of the small robot. It is entirelly written in our real time composition programming environment: GMT. So far we finished only the Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Masonic versions, but Taoist and Animist versions may be added pretty soon.

In the Islamic version, the twelve voices of the piece are subjected to sinusoidal FM modulation of their individual playing tempi. A global triangle window is applied to the dynamics of the piece. In the Christian version the individual tempi relate to each other as a series of twelve minor thirths. Triangle windows steer the dynamics of each voice individualy. In the Hindi version, metric relations are sruti interval based. In the Buddhist version the metric relations are based on simple whole number ratios, whereras in the masonic version they are based on the E12 series of resistance values (12 values per decade). In all versions the ratchet intro and finale is made different as well.



Premiere: 21.03.2013 - Logos Tetrahedron.

Further performances:


Godfried-Willem RAES
Public Domain, march 2013

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