As of may 2020, I was diagnosed with throat cancer. I lost my voice as a consequence. Although I'm not yet dead, I'm now pretty much convinced that smoking, even pipe smoking, can indeed cause cancer.

What follows on this page, is history. It reflects a culture of the past. I strongly advise to stop smoking now.

Godfried's Pipe Tobacco Judgements

This is a small list of exquisite non-flavoured nor perfumed pipe tobaccos.
My favorites.

  • Mac Baren Navy Flake: 9 /10
  • Rattray's Marlin Flake: 9/10
  • Capstan Mild Navy Cut: 9/10
  • Voortrekker: 8/10
  • Vier Heerenbaai: 8/10
  • Amphora Brown: 8/10
  • Three Nuns: 8/10
  • Orlik Red: 7/10
  • Coopvaert: 6/10


For more than 25 years I was smoking Semois pipe tobacco, a local plant grown in the southern part of Wallonia. Unfortunately, the best crops of this tobacco are no longer grown nor commercially available (Achilles Welle, 'Mon Tabac', Vanderelst - in its triangular pointed paper bags and a few more). Although almost marginal nowadays, some crops are still available at specialised stores but many farmers and producers add artificial flavours to their products. The best kind we found recently was bought in Dinant:

  • Le Chasseur (No. 235), Grosse Coupe 9/10

Other brands, with our evaluation:

  • Vallee Du Mont d'or, J.-P.Couvert (Corbion s/Semois) 8/10
  • La Brumeuse, Val Ardennais, Vincent Manil (Rue du Tambour,10, 6838 Corbion s/Semois) Grosse Coupe. (Slightly flavoured) 7/10
  • Florina, Vieux Semois, Coupe Pipe. (Heavily flavoured) 5/10
  • Caron 'Semois'(Heavily flavoured) 5/10